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Brisbane Muay Thai Beginner Classes

Free beginner Muay Thai lesson on us at the Ironfist Muay Thai Gym!


Have you ever wanted to learn Muay Thai? Now is the time!

Starting at a new gym can certainly be daunting, especially if you have never done martial arts or gone to a gym previously. Rest assured, Ironfist is an extremely supporting community that caters to everyone’s individual goals and schedules.

The Ironfist Gym’s beginner Muay Thai program has been carefully designed to cover the fundamental techniques and movements of Muay Thai which, along with the cardio and strength that come with these workouts, will build strong foundations and see fast improvement.


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What to expect when coming to the gym for Beginner Muay Thai classes


A bit more about our Beginner Muay Thai Classes

Our Muay Thai beginners classes revolve around key modules, ensuring that you have a strong understanding of the art. These include:

  • Stance

  • Breathing

  • Warm up and cooling down

  • Strength and Flexibility training

  • Boxing for Muay Thai (Kicking, Grappling, knees, elbows, defence)


Our Muay Thai classes are designed by world champion Muay Thai coach Daniel “Ironfist” Bell. A key component of training under Daniel is a strong understanding of the thought processes behind your training, including breathwork, ergonomic movements and having a strong base from which to strike and defend. Our beginner classes are based around five core elements, all of which will help develop these skills:

  • Partnered pad work

  • Bag work

  • Solo and partnered drills

  • Shadow boxing

  • Light contact training that may include body or guard only (examples of contact training would be practising kicking and boxing defence or learning how to grapple)


Our Muay Thai beginner classes have been carefully designed to equip you with the fundamentals of Muay Thai, without risking injury.

Our professional team of trainers at Ironfist will let you know when you are ready to join any other sessions throughout the week, including sparring days and intermediate to advanced classes.


Come trial a FREE Muay Thai class today.

  • Bring your water bottle (we also have cooled bubblers available)

  • Pair of shorts and a t-shirt

  • Towel

We can supply gloves and pads.

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