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Muay Thai – Beginners Course

Have you ever wanted to learn Muay Thai? Here at the Ironfist Gym we understand the importance in learning the correct foundation of techniques and what it takes to build the confidence in our Beginners. We also understand that for anyone walking into a new gym it can be a daunting experience but at The Ironfist Gym we assure you a friendly welcoming atmosphere from the minute you walk in.

Our 4 week Muay Thai Beginners course will evolve around key modules so that at the completion of the course you will have a strong understanding of Stance, Breathing, warm up and cooling down, Strength and Flexibilty training, Boxing for Muay Thai, Kicking, Grappling, knees, elbows, defence, thought process around training and tempos ect

Classes are based around Partnered padwork, bag work, drills ect and any contact training is light touch to the body or guard only. Examples of contact training would be practising our kicking and boxing defence or learning how to grapple. We will build your confidence in technique without injury!

Our 4 week Beginners are more than welcome to join in on any other classes through the week.





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