Based on the advice and direction from The Australia Government The Ironfist Gym would like to address the current situation regarding COVID-19.


We take your health and safety very seriously; we are constantly referring to QLD Health and the Australian Government for latest updates and advice on protocols to be implemented during this uncertain time.


First and foremost, we urge people to remain calm and remember that staying healthy, eating well, moving your body, staying hydrated, getting quality sleep and being mindful of good hygiene practices are all equally important in avoiding illness.


We urge each of our members to assess their own personal circumstances, family and risk factors moving forward.


If you have recently returned from overseas, please follow protocols advised by the Australian Government.


The Ironfist Gym already has cleaning / hygiene protocols in place to protect our Members, however these have been increased.  The entire Gym is sprayed daily with disinfectant, toilets, weights area, individual weights, bikes, ring, bags, reception area and all the mats.  We are taking every precaution we can.  Every surface is sprayed!  We thank our Gym sponsor Travis Allen from Allen’s Industrial for keeping us well stocked with cleaning supplies.


Hand hygiene and social distancing are critical measures to slow this virus.  With that in mind we are requesting the following from our Members:-


  1. Purchase your own Gear, e.g. Gloves, Shin Pads & Hand Wraps and clean them after each use. Wash hand wraps after each training session.  We have recently started stocking Gym Lab, which is an environmentally friendly disinfectant spray.  It has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of germs, while also eliminating odour, deodorising and disinfecting.  Each day spray your gloves and shin pads and anything else in your bag.  This is available for purchase for $14/can.


  1. Should you be using any Gear provided by us, we will be offering cotton glove inserts to wear inside gloves and will be spraying down all equipment used between classes. We strongly advise the purchase of your own equipment as soon as possible.


  1. You MUST BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL to use in the weights area and for all floor exercises. No Towel, No Training, and make sure this towel is decent size.  No small Hand towels please.


  1. We have ordered Yoga Mats to be used for all floor exercises. These will be placed down first, and your towel will go over the top.  Mats will be cleaned after each use.  If you have your own Yoga Mat, please bring that with you.


  1. We have ordered hand sanitizer dispensers and will have them placed around the Gym for use however, until they arrive there is always antibacterial soap available in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer is available at the front desk.


  1. Gym Lab spray or Antibacterial Wipes will be available to Members to spray down any weight’s equipment, bike handles, kettle bells etc before individual use, additional to our daily cleaning procedures.


  1. Training has been modified. We have made changes, there is still plenty we can be doing.  Our focus will be based around skills, shadow sparring, drills, bag work and strength/fitness training.  All pad work and sparring/grappling/clinching will NOT be practiced from this point until further notice.  It is a perfect time to work on skills and getting fit!


  1. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue with BJJ. We are working on a program specifically suited to BJJ students to maintain and develop specific skills suited to BJJ during this time.  We will advise more in coming days.


  1. Lastly, we cannot emphasis this enough, if you are unwell please be respectful and stay at home and get well.


To thank you for your loyalty and your ongoing support of the Ironfist Gym we are offering a Loyalty Membership. Please see our Pricing page on our website for details.  If you wish to take up a Loyalty Membership, you must advise Lianne at the desk or by emailing [email protected]


Your support during this time is not only vital to keep Ironfist operating but is essential for us to maintain our livelihood and have a Gym to train in once this crisis is over.


We are so fortunate to have a huge Gym with plenty of open air circulation, over 650sqm to train in and over 20 bags available for use.  We are purchasing additional equipment for use during this time to ensure you still have the best training available.  The Ironfist Community are some of the lucky ones, we can modify our training style and continue.


We will always put the welfare of our Members first.  We will keep adapting and working within the guidelines given to us over the coming months and ask that you are mindful these are uncertain times for us also.


We strongly believe that we all have a role to play in keeping our Community healthy and safe, if we all come together and work to support each other, we will weather this storm and be back to our usual training before long.


Thank you,













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