Frequently Asked Questions

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No. 95% of our Members will not compete. Their motivation will be purely to challenge themselves, strive to improve their technique, fitness and advance in our Grading system. Competing is your own personal choice. Some of our Students choose to give it a go just once for their own personal growth and goals. Should you choose this we will support you and train you, but it will always be your choice to make to begin with. We have a very strong track record of making all our members feel equal and just as important as each other, whether you are a fighter or beginner.

You are most welcome to express your interest early on to one day compete. It will however be a natural progression of your skill and discipline in class to get you to that goal. We do not take competition lightly nor do we allow our members to compete before they are ready.

This is an invite only class and your experience will certainly be taken into account. Quite often the Fighters/Advanced class is repetition of all the skills learnt in our All Levels class.  We suggest speaking to Daniel and beginning in our All Levels Class and we can make changes from there.

Beginners and new members will have access to training equipment allowing them time to acquire their own. Ultimately you will want to have your own hand wraps, 8/10oz Gloves for pads and bag work and shin pads.   Additional equipment i.e. Thai Pads, Kick Shield is purely optional.  If you want to spar you will also need mouthguard, groin guard and 16oz gloves.

To begin with whatever you are comfortable in. Once you are signed up you will receive our Ironfist training singlet that will show your grading level and you can purchase Muay Thai shorts or Boxing shorts to wear with it.

No Shoes are permitted on the floor

Firstly, If you have any pre-existing medical conditions you will have to take responsibility for ensuring that you are not at risk of injury or harming yourself. That aside your fitness level or weight is really the least most important aspect to us. We expect our new members to train initially within their comfort zone and we encourage the gradual progression of fitness for our members. We only ask that you give what you can in improving yourself each session. No one could ever ask any more than that of you. You will always be made to feel welcome.

Yes. If you are a teenager and you have a partner or group of friends that would like the challenge of the adult classes you are more than welcome. We will always match you up with a partner of similar age and size.  These classes will actually be very beneficial as you will be exposed to many different skill levels and styles to help improve your own growth and development.

Absolutely not! All our Adult classes have no age limitation and you will feel right at home with us.  If you have ever wanted to start training or even want to give competing a go, your age is no limitation at Ironfist.



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