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At The Ironfist Gym we cater to beginners through to advanced levels of Muay Thai, Boxing and Bjj-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. First time beginners will find a welcoming, friendly environment to develop a passion for Martial Arts.


Daniel Ironfist Bell began training Muay Thai in 1991 with his Trainer Kru Malcolm Anderson and is the head instructor at The Ironfist Gym. Having been in the sport of Muay Thai in Australia since the early days, Daniel has trained with and learnt from so many of Australia’s Muay Thai Founders.

Daniel competed in all weight divisions from Middleweight to Super Heavyweight and has trained Ironfist Fighters to the pinnacle of the sport being Professional World Champions with countless State and National Champions all coming out of the Ironfist Gym.

IRONFIST -2001-2014

The Ironfist Gym opened in 2001 on Daniels parents acreage on Brisbane’s southside suburb of Rochedale. Daniels father, Allan Bell, was always involved with the training and years had been spent training on the concrete carport before the building of the new 300sqm gym.

‘We produced so many Champions in the old gym’. It was a home away from home for so many. Fighter such as Michael Tomahawk Thompson, Jimmy Urwin, Ben Johnston, Andy Smith, Matty Sedan, Joel Gadishkie and so many others. Our fighters fought all around Australia and the world establishing Ironfist as one of Australias strongest gyms.

IRONFIST 2018 to now

After some time out working on the Port Daniel and Lianne decided to open The Ironfist Gym in the new location of Mansfield. Daniel went to Mansfield High School and fought many times at the Mansfield Tavern. It felt right and we have not looked back. With 2021 marking 30 years of experience in Muay Thai, Daniel looks forward to growing Muay Thai ,Boxing and BJJ in the new Gym.

“For me, l get a deep feeling of satisfaction seeing people do well, and overcome the challenges that we all get in life from time to time. The well being of all our Members is equally as important to me as their successes. Whatever you are looking for; challenge, fitness, connection or competition. You are Welcome at my Gym.”

Daniel Ironfist Bell





The Original Gym – Ford Road Rochedale

 The Original Ironfist Gym was established in 2001 – 2014 at Daniel Bell’s parents rural property on Ford Rd at Rochedale, Queensland.  We had already trained for years in the concrete carport before the first stage of the gym was built. That carport beside the truck shed was where we would come together and work on the things we had learnt through our weeks training and the one sand filled bag was not for the feint hearted.

The first construction of the gym was expanded on with 2 more extensions as word of our gym and the success of our students was spread.   From that first class in 2001 we trained hard for over 15 years. People of all ages found a home away from home in our family friendly atmosphere. Most came to learn some skills, improve there fitness and become part of our Ironfist family. Some of those wanted more and the reputation of Our Ironfist Fighters quickly established the Ironfist name as one of the premium gyms in Australia.

Our Fighters and Students alike formed a very close bond and that was the secret to our success. Our Fighters won many State, National, International and World Titles fighting all around Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, America, Spain and Hong Kong. At Ironfist our first priority is making our members feel a part of our community from day 1.




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