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All of our highly experienced instructors across our Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA programs pride themselves on their attention to detail. The decades of experience under our head instructors has cemented Ironfist Muay Thai as one of Australia’s premier Martial Arts Gyms. Our Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ & MMA program takes on anyone from first-time beginners through to World Champions.

Daniel 'IRONFIST' Bell

Daniel Bell is the head instructor at The Ironfist Gym. Having been embedded in the Australian Muay Thai scene since the early days, Daniel has been involved in the tremendous growth of the sport from a fringe martial art to a well-recognised and highly respected sport. Daniel’s coaching credibility speaks for itself, having raised numerous national and world champions at the gym, including Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson and Corey “The Nightmare” Nicholson. Daniel emphasises attention to detail and strong reasoning behind every technique, combination and movement, making sure his students understand the concepts behind everything they do.

Masato Fujimori

Masato “Fuji” Fujimori has been with Ironfist for many years, and was the main Muay Thai fighter’s pad holder at the original Ironfist gym. Masato has travelled around the world as a mainstay in the Ironfist fighter’s corner, seeing fighters such as Corey “The Nightmare” Nicholson and Michael “Tomahawk” rise to the highest level of the sport. Masato’s passion for proper technique and developing smart gameplans alongside Dan for our fighters sets him apart as one of Australia’s premier coaches. As the primary Muay Thai coach alongside Dan, Masato continues to set the highest standard for Muay Thai at the Ironfist gym. From those who have been training for a few months to those who have been fighting for a lifetime, Masato has something to teach every student that walks through the door at Ironfist.



Demi 'The Tyrant' Giannangelo

Demi “The Tyrant” Giannangelo fell in love with Muay Thai seven years ago when she was introduced to the sport in Mackay. Demi has been with the Ironfist family for nearly three years, and began coaching our beginners in late 2021. Demi’s attention to detail and flawless fundamentals carry over into her classes which instill crisp, solid foundations into all our students as they begin their Muay Thai journey. Demi is also a personal trainer.

Finn 'The Sixty Litre' Coleman

Finn “The Sixty Litre” Coleman has been training and fighting Muay Thai for around six years. His passion for human movement carries over into his coaching with a strict attention to detail and a strong reasoning behind each technique or combination. Finn helps coach our boxing and Muay Thai classes.

Andrew 'The Hurmanator' Hurman

Andrew “The Hurmanator” Hurman has been a long-time member of the Ironfist Gym, joining in 2018 with our re-opening in Mansfield. Hurmy’s energy and enthusiasm in the gym sets the pace and intensity of our intermediate to fighters Muay Thai classes. When Hurmy isn’t smashing the pads, he is lending a valued hand in our introductory Muay Thai classes.

TJ 'The Trip' Ingram

TJ “The Trip” Ingram has over 30 amateur fights under his belt. He is renowned for his picture-perfect, energy efficient style of boxing which carries over into his classes. TJ’s enthusiastic and supportive energy pairs well with his dedication to teaching. Whether you are just trying to lose a few kilos or are looking to compete at a high level, TJ will help you get there.

Andrew Massimissa

Andrew is one of our head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors at the Ironfist Gym, with years of competitive and coaching experience. His BJJ journey began in 2015 at Arena MMA in Springwood, and he has been rolling ever since. With an eye for detail and a distinct dedication to coaching, Andrew lives and breathes Jiu Jitsu.

Shen Lam

Shen is one of our black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches. He began his martial arts journey learning Kung Fu and Tkd under his parents. Shen earned his coaching singlet in the art of Muay Thai at Ironfist. Later Shen found his passion in BJJ, eventually earning his black belt at Southside MMA and racking up numerous accolades along the way, including winning the Australian, Pan Pacific and Asian Open grappling competitions. Shen’s rounded knowledge of BJJ in Gi and Nogi is a must-have for our Ironfist students.

Tayn Joyce

As humble as our Black Belt BJJ coach is, Tayn is a man of many accolades. Tayn started in BJJ at the age of 28, and has stuck with it ever since. A natural in the sport, Tayn has taken home more medals than we dare to count, from State to National level. After training for decades, Tayn turned towards coaching to give back to the BJJ community, and recently earned his Black Belt. His exceptional skill and knowledge is cherished by all our grappling students at the gym, and when Tayn gets bored of tapping people out on the mats, he can be found cracking the boxing pads in our 4:30pm boxing classes.

Aleksandar Jovanovic

Aleks is one of Ironfist’s head BJJ coaches. With nearly a decade of coaching experience under his belt, Aleks’ extensive experience meets his strong passion for the art of BJJ in all of his classes. From the minute Aleks learnt to use his Dad’s VHS system, weekend mornings were spent memorising martial arts moves, from The Kickboxer to American Ninja. Aleks was also one of the Ironfist originals first grading to a coaching singlet before starting BJJ. Once Aleks found BJJ, he knew he’d found the perfect martial art for him, and has been rolling ever since. From White Belts through to Black Belts, Aleks’ deep knowledge of BJJ continues to refine the skillset of every grappler who walks through the door at Ironfist. Aleks also has high accolades in competition having won the Australian, Pan Pacific and Asian Open Championships in BJJ.



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