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The Team of Ironfist instructors are highly experienced and are here to help you reach your goals.

Daniel 'IRONFIST' Bell

Daniel began training  Muay Thai in 1991 with his Trainer Kru Malcolm Anderson and is the head instructor at The Ironfist Gym. Having been in the Sport of Muay Thai in Australia since the early days, Daniel has trained with and learnt from so many of Australias Muay Thai Founders. Daniel competed in  all weight divisions from Middleweight to Super Heavyweight and has trained Ironfist Fighters to the pinnacle of the sport being Professional World Champions with countless State and National Champions all coming out of the Ironfist Gym.

“For me, l get a deep feeling of satisfaction seeing people do well, and overcome the challenges that we all get in life from time to time. The well being of all our Members is equally as important to me as their successes. Whatever you are looking for; challenge, fitness, connection or competition. You are Welcome at my Gym.”

Daniel Ironfist Bell

Here are some photos from many years ago.

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Jimmy 'SLICE' Urwin

Jimmy ‘SLICE’ Urwin is a multiple Queensland and Australian Muay Thai Champion and also World Amateur Muay Thai Champion. Jimmy holds a special place amongst Ironfist’s best not only in his competitive ability and knowledge but as a pillar of support to all our members.

After more than 15 years in Muay Thai as a Student and a Fighter, that journey had to come to an end at some point. But now moving forward into a Training Position, I am honoured to have the chance to continue my journey and help others to start and fulfill their Muay Thai and Fitness dreams. I strongly believe that Muay Thai has the ability to change people lives, forever, just as it has done for me. Never be afraid to walk into a Gym, it may seem daunting and a big step, but believe me, you will never regret it. Whether just wanting to have fun or take things more seriously, there will be lifelong friends made, life skills learnt and memories created that you won’t forget. We all started in the same position at one stage. I myself still continue to learn from new beginners to Pro Fighters, as I remain on my Muay Thai journey.

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Masato Fujimori

Affectionately named ‘Godzilla’, Masato has progressed from an Ironfist Student & Fighter to assisting Daniel as one of our Muay Thai All Levels & Fighter Trainers. Masato brings a wealth of knowledge to our Classes and has been instrumental in preparing our competitors to compete at the highest levels of the Sport.

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Aleksandar Jovanovic

Alek’s is our Brazilian Ju-jitsu Coach; he started his Martial Arts journey in the stand-up style of Muay Thai and was an Ironfist Original Black singlet. Progressing to BJJ, Alek’s has earned the honour of Black Belt under his Trainers Paul Stolyar and Vincente Cavalcanti. In competition, he has won Queensland, Australian, Pan Pacific and Asian Open titles. We welcome Alek’s back to Ironfist as a BJJ trainer and look forward to him bringing a new Art form and learning experience to our established Muay Thai Gym.




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