Member Testimonials


I started at Ironfist back in 2011 purely for self-defence and to keep fit, I went there with my twin brother and immediately we both where hooked for the fact it was such an easy place to fit in and everyone there welcomed us with open arms. I began in the beginner’s class Tuesday & Thursday nights and found the Trainers at Ironfist very helpful and east to understand when it came to them explaining technique. I continued to train hard and eventually worked my way up through the grading system to find myself training with the Advanced / Fighters Class; this was a major confidence boost. After 2 years of training I decided to have my first amateur fight which marked the start of my amateur fighting career. The Professionalism and dedication the Ironfist team have for their fighters and students in general makes the whole experience fantastic.

I am now training at the brand new Ironfist Gym off Wrecker Rd and couldn’t be happier with the set-up and equipment that Ironfist has to offer. Ironfist is like a second family to me and I couldn’t recommend it more!

Ethan Park


Looking back one of the best decisions ever was to walk through the front doors of The Ironfist Gym back in 2009. An intimidating task for a 13 year old, but rest assured Daniel Bell and his father Allan Bell had created a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the gym making the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Since then not only have I learnt self-defence, but I’ve also gained self-confidence through the sport for the oncoming challenges in life, meeting lifelong friends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Marko Milovanovic


Ironfist is a family friendly gym. I joined up with my father who was 60 years old; he had Parkinson’s at the time as well as osteoarthritis. Muay Thai kept my father fit and happy while learning to defend himself at the same time. Dan was very accommodating to our individual fitness levels. The environment is one in which everyone is very welcoming and even the experienced guys train with you at your own level. If you want to learn how to defend yourself and get fit this is the gym to go to!

Adrian Stuart


I have trained with The Ironfist Gym for several years. If you are thinking of getting into shape or learning new skills I couldn’t recommend The Ironfist Gym more highly. Whether you’re interested in giving fighting a go or just looking to improve your fitness, there is a place here for you. No egos and Trainers that have your best interests in mind. So come down and check out the new set up and join a friendly crew of likeminded people in a safe environment.

Robbie Hillas

Ironfist Gym for me, is an outlet to express skills and training that you wouldn’t do in everyday life, it’s an opportunity to really test yourself and push yourself to limited and level of training whether that by fitness, personal goals self-defence or to even step inside a ring and have a Muay Thai fight. Ironfist is like a family to a lot of us that have trained there for years, it’s a great environment to learn and grow in every aspect of the sport and to help with skills in everyday life such as discipline, respect and of course self-defence. The re make of Ironfist is a great thing for a lot of us who have trained there in the past and now with the new and improved gym its not only exceeded all of the original members expectations it also caters to all levels of training from beginners to advanced to even fighter classes. Defiantly one of the best choices I’ve made walking through the doors of the Ironfist Gym back in 2011!

James Park


The Ironfist Gym gave me all the tools I needed to go from an Amateur Fighter to a Professional World Champion, and gave me the opportunity to perform on some of the biggest promotions around the World. The gym’s founder and head trainer, Daniel Bell, has an unparalleled approach to teaching and is able to bring out the best in anyone who trains under him. This is because he acknowledges that everyone’s path to learning is different. Dan provided me with highly specific training techniques and rigorous motivation that allowed me to achieve multiple State, National and World Titles.

Michael ‘TOMAHAWK’ Thompson


The Ironfist Gym, along with the Bell family are very highly regarded and respected, not only in Queensland but also the wider Australian Muay Thai community. Not only has there been a long history of involvement in the Sport as both a competing Athlete and knowledgeable Trainer, mentoring some of Australia’s best, but more importantly being a pillar of guidance and advice, for not only health and fitness and combat sports but also general everyday life. The Ironfist Gym, the family and all of the past members have helped not only myself, but many others, get through hard times in life and achieve unimaginable dreams in this sport. I now am very proud to be able to pass on my own experiences and knowledge to others that are in a similar position and give back to this amazing Gym..

Jimmy Urwin



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