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At Ironfist, our coaches oversee all levels of training in our Muay Thai classes, from the basics through to the most advanced techniques and strategies. From our many years of experience, our coaches have found that all our students, from beginners through to advanced, find real improvement through learning a diversity of techniques, instead of their progression being limited by the same old boring drills every class. Instead of students blindly engaging in the same drills day in, day out, Ironfist’s coaches take our students through the reasoning behind each movement and strike, so that they understand the concepts behind each move, keeping them engaged and actively involved.

The advanced concepts we work on with fighters are also carefully incorporated into the general classes, to expose students to all elements of Muay Thai at an appropriate level for their skills. Instead of dumbing down the ‘art of eight limbs’, students will start to gain a full appreciation of Muay Thai from their first lesson, without being thrown into the deep end. Most of our Muay Thai classes revolve around partnered pad work, bag work and drills.


Ironfist also offers a Muay Thai colour-coded grading system which recognises the progress of Muay Thai students through their martial arts journey.

Light sparring is optional for all students. Many of our Muay Thai practitioners enjoy sparring with very light contact only, and some prefer not to spar at all. Whatever your preference is, our coaches will make sure you are comfortable.



Our classes will vary in content, volume and intensity depending on individual Students competition schedule. Our Fighters and Advanced Students work together and heavily rely on their team mates to assist them in preparing for their fights and making the training enjoyable. This Class will include fitness, interval training, specific strength and flexibility training and of course bag work, pad work and partnered drills and implementation of advanced concepts and technique.




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