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Get Fit And Have Fun With Brisbane Muay Thai Classes

Increase your fitness, confidence and self-defence with our world-class Muay Thai trainers.

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Beginner-friendly Muay Thai Classes For All Levels

At Ironfist, we cater for all skill and fitness levels in our Muay Thai classes, offering dedicated Beginner Muay Thai through to experienced fighters.

We know that students find real improvement through learning a diversity of techniques, and our coaches explain the reasoning behind each movement and strike to ensure that you are engaged and understand the principles behind each technique.

Our passionate coaching team have decades of experience coaching and fighting, and pride themselves on creating a welcoming friendly atmosphere in our Brisbane Muay Thai classes.

What To Expect In Our Muay Thai Classes

Each Muay Thai class incorporates partnered pad work, bag work and drills designed to increase your skills and fitness. Light sparring is optional for all students, with many of our Muay Thai practitioners enjoying sparring with very light contact only, or preferring not to spar at all. Whatever your preference and personal goals are, our coaches will make you feel comfortable.



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