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Muay Thai


As a Beginner you will also feel absolutely welcome at the Ironfist Gym.

To ensure you have the best foundation in Muay Thai we have Beginner classes Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. For your first lesson we have a special intro class prior to the Beginners class on Monday and Wednesday nights.  During these classes you will learn basic stance and the key steps to developing precise and accurate technique. Training will include Partnered Pad work with hand mitts and kick shields, bag work, and many other training methods. You can progress to all other Muay Thai classes once our professional trainers feel you are ready.

The Biggest Challenge will be to walk in the door. From the first minute of training you will be glad you did. We pride ourselves on our friendly family environment and we understand how daunting that first lesson can be.  We have supported thousands of people from all ages and fitness levels on their first night also. Most of our students had never trained before they came to Ironfist.

NOTE-Light touch Sparring is optional. Many of our Members choose to do Partnered pad work or bag training instead of Sparring.


At Ironfist we teach the basics to the most advanced of techniques and strategy in our MUAY THAI Classes. From our many years of experience we have found that Beginners through to Advanced Students improve incredibly by not limiting them to just the same old boring basics every class with a slow progression rate. By introducing advanced and challenging concepts and techniques allows for Students to feel motivated and inspired to see where their  training can take them.

For many years at Ironfist, the advanced concepts we work on with Fighters are also incorporated  into the General class to expose Students to all elements of Muay Thai, at an appropriate level for their skills. Students are constantly learning and being exposed to all elements of Muay Thai, from their first lesson. Most classes revolve around partnered pad work, bag work and drills.

We offer a colour coded grading system that allows Students to progress through a structured grading system allowing for progression to higher levels.

Light sparring is optional for all Students. Many of our Students enjoy Sparring with light body contact only, no head contact. This will always be optional.



Our classes will vary in content, volume and intensity depending on individual Students competition schedule. Our Fighters and Advanced Students work together and heavily rely on their team mates to assist them in preparing for their fights and making the training enjoyable. This Class will include fitness, interval training, specific strength and flexibility training and of course bag work, pad work and partnered drills and implementation of advanced concepts and technique.




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