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Private training is one on one or small group training that will focus on either Martial Arts Skill Improvement, Skill Coaching or Personal training that is more fitness orientated. Our specialisation is to get your fight ready and/or fight fitness ready. Whether you are thinking of competing, or want the confidence in being in the best shape you can to protect a friend or loved one.

All our classes are held at Mansfield near the Bunnings and school across the road.


There is no quicker and more efficient way to improve than by having an assessment with our experienced trainers. Our trainers offer Private Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing.

Benefits of Private Skills Coaching

  • Learn new drills and skills for specific improvements
  • Breakthrough any sticking points in any aspect of your training
  • Perfect your foundation of technique
  • Get Professional feedback
  • Learn how to balance your power with speed
  • Develop new combinations in both defense and attack

Getting one-on-one training enables you to train at a higher base level with high intensity focused on tackling challenges you maybe having. This could be focus on foot work, throwing punches, kicks, take-downs, defence, guard retention drills or generally an over look at your game plan when in comes to in the Ring, Mat or Cage.

Fast Track your skills today with our experienced Martial Arts Trainers


Burn fat & increase your anaerobic intensity! There is no better fitness than Martial Arts training. Our trainers will push you to new fitness goals in Muay Thai or Boxing.

At the same time, they will also work on your technique and power.

  • Get Fit, Fast and Dangerous with Professional experienced Coaches
  • Technique correction will still be given while achieving fitness goals
  • For all Fitness Levels and Skill Levels
  • Choose your intensity of low, hard or super-fit.

Personal training allows you to have someone pushing you to that next wall. We won’t give up on you and know that we are here to make you fitter, faster and stronger.





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