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Private Coaching


Ironfist’s private training can be booked for either a one-on-one or a small group, with a training focus flexible to the client – whether that be to develop specific skills and techniques, overall fitness, or a combination of both. Our expert coaches specialise in getting you fighting fit, whether you are thinking of competing, or simply looking to be in the best shape you can.


If you are serious about making strides in your martial arts journey, there is no better way than an assessment with our experienced trainers. Our respective coaches offer top-quality private training in Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Benefits of private skills coaching

  • Learning new drills and skills for specific improvements
  • One-on-one attention to detail to eliminate any ‘sticking points’ in any aspect of your training
  • Perfecting your foundation of technique
  • Learning how to balance power and speed
  • Developing new combinations in both defence and attack


Private skills coaching equips you with the tools required to train at a higher base-level with consistent intensity. You will see drastic improvements in your area of focus, whether that be footwork, punches, kicks, takedowns, defence, guard retention, or a more general overlook on your game plan, ensuring optimal performance wherever your training takes you.

Fast track your skills today with our experienced martial arts trainers.



Are you looking to burn fat and ramp up your fitness? There is no better exercise than martial arts training. Our trainers will push you to new fitness goals in Muay Thai or boxing.

At the same time, they will also work on your technique and power.

  • Get fit, fast and dangerous with professional experienced coaches
  • Combine fitness goals with technique development
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Flexible intensity level


The invaluable benefit of personal training is having someone productively push you further than you would yourself. Our trainers believe that everyone has it within them to becoming a better version of themselves, and we understand that we are here to make you fitter, faster and stronger, while you’re still having a blast!


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