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Learn from our expert coaches at one of Australia’s premier martial arts destinations! Ironfist has trained multiple State, National, lnternational and World Muay Thai Champions.

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At The Ironfist Gym you will feel at home from the first day you walk in the gym. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, diverse and family-friendly environment. Our community is home to men and women from all walks of life, united by their passion for martial arts.

The Ironfist crew are world-class coaches who are passionate about putting in the extra effort to help our students succeed. Our head coach Dan will always take the time to make sure everyone is looked after and has their questions answered, whether about technique and strength training or dieting and mindset. The secret to Ironfist’s success is our strong support network and family atmosphere.

Don’t worry, you do NOT need to be fit to start out at Ironfist! Remember, everyone has to start somewhere. As a beginner you are encouraged to work at your own pace, and your skills, fitness and strength will develop with each class.

You do not need any equipment to attend our classes for the first time, just a towel and water bottle (chilled bubblers are available for water bottle refills).

Whether it’s Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA, our Beginner classes are the perfect environment to kickstart your martial arts training. These classes emphasise the fundamentals of each martial art, making sure that students have a grounded understanding of basic stances and movements, helping to build a solid foundation and develop precise technique. At Ironfist, we understand the importance of variation in keeping students engaged, and as such our Beginner classes will focus on particular elements of the martial art from lesson to lesson. As you progress through your martial arts journey, your solid fundamentals will carry over into fully integrating more advanced aspects of training into our All Levels classes.

In our Beginner classes, we will never force our students to do anything they are not comfortable with. Our beginner Muay Thai and Boxing classes do not involve any hard sparring to ensure that everyone remains safe and comfortable. As you progress, you will be able to join in our dedicated sparring sessions, which are always supervised by our expert coaches.

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