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Learn from one of Australia’s leading Muay Thai kickboxing coaches. Ironfist has trained multiple State, National, lnternational and World Muay Thai Champions.

No hidden fees
Fun & safe environment
Training teens to 50yrs+

The biggest challenge is to walk in the door

At The Ironfist Gym you will feel at home from the first day you walk in to train with us, we pride ourselves in offering a welcoming and family-friendly environment, and it is one of the elements of our Gym we are most proud of. The Ironfist Crew are some of the best people in the Sport, we all strive to see everyone succeed no matter the goal. We all support each other and that is our key to success.

You do not need to be fit. As a Beginner you will work at your own pace, your fitness and strength will improve and develop with each class as will your skill level.

You do not need any equipment to attend our classes for the first time, maybe just a towel and water bottle (chilled bubblers are available for water bottle refills).

Our MUAY THAI – INTRODUCTION OR ALL LEVELS (INCLUDING BEGINNERS) Classes, are the place for Beginners to start. We offer dedicated time to learn the basic stance and to build a solid foundation that allows for development of precise technique. Each class will cover different aspects for our Beginners and as you progress you will be able to fully integrate more advanced aspects of training into the All Levels class.

We finish most classes with light Sparring; this is optional for all Students. If there is any hesitation we recommend watching the Sparring at the end of the class to see how much fun you’re missing out on. Many of our students enjoy their Sparring with light body contact only, and no head contact. The choice is yours.

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