Beginner Muay Thai

Coming to a Muay Thai class can seem a little daunting, but just remember most of our members in the gym were nervous and a novice on their first day. At Ironfist Muay Thai Brisbane we want you to know we run a fun and safe environment.

Nearly everyone that has trained with us came in as a beginner just like you. So many other beginners have made the step that you are about to, and once you do, you will find a welcoming and supportive home away from home.


What to Bring on your first Muay Thai lesson

  • Comfortable clothes i.e., shorts and t shirt. In Winter it helps to come in warm with track pants and jumper, so you warm up quicker.
  • Water bottle. We have cold taps for refilling your bottle.
  • Gloves and shinpads if you have them. If you do not that is fine. You will receive a complimentary new pair of hand wraps for your free trial. We also have gloves we can lend you for your first few weeks of training.
  • Dry change of clothes for after training


What to expect and what to do when you first arrive

  • When you walk up to the gym you will see a big roller door and an entry door to the right. Come in either door and head over to Lianne or Ali at the front desk.
  • The girls will ask you to fill out a waiver form and give you a Free week trial pass. For the next week you are free to trial all our classes. No bank details or commitment to join is asked of you. We believe in a no obligation free trial.
  • The girls will show you where the toilets are, drink taps and where your class will take place. Remember most people that come to gym are beginners like you and we will explain everything you need to know.
  • No shoes on the mats. Boxing shoes are fine to use but please do not wear them to the gym. Put them on in the gym to keep the floor clean.
  • It really is as simple as that.



  • We are located at Building 2 Number 4 Devlan St, Mansfield 4122. The front building is called Magic Button and we are behind that.
  • Please do not park in front of Magic buttons roller door before 4:30pm
  • There is plenty of street parking.
  • Please do not park in our neighbour’s carparks including on Saturdays as they will still be trading.


Beginners First time introduction

At 6pm Monday and Wednesday nights we run a beginner’s introduction for a half an hour before the Beginners Muay Thai class starts at 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Even if you plan to train at the 4:30pm beginner’s timeslot, the 6pm introduction for your first visit will help you learn to put your hand wraps on, footwork foundation and Basic Muay Thai stance and guard.

We recommend only doing the Introduction on your first visit.


What to do before class

  • Put your hand wraps on and feel free to warm up and stretch in our artificial grass area outside the gym. Note that our trainers will help you with your hand wraps when doing the half hour introduction at 6pm Monday and Wednesday nights.
  • Fill your water bottle.
  • Grab some gloves from the girls at the desk if you need to borrow some.
  • Your trainer will call out when the class is about to start.
  • Everyone will line up facing the instructors ready for the commencement of class.
  • Remember no shoes on the mats unless they are dedicated boxing shoes.


After Class.

  • Stretch for 5 mins.
  • Keep warm with dry clothes.
  • do not forget your things when you go home.


Ironfist Muay Thai has a range of beginner training programs in Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ. Celebrating our 20th year in 2021, the Ironfist Gym has changed so many lives of our members and they were all once a beginner like you.

If you have ever wanted to learn Martial Arts, now is your opportunity if you are living in Brisbane. We have Muay Thai and BJJ introductory intakes, specifically designed for the absolute beginner along with all levels training classes as well. Grab a 7-day free trial now by clicking the 7 Day trial link at the top of the page or call Ironfist on 0431685085 to book in a time to come and see us.





Start your martial arts journey and experience the welcoming Ironfist atmosphere with our no-risk free trial, letting you attend 2 days of boxing, muay thai and BJJ classes.