BJJ Gradings: What to Expect

The Ironfist Gym is hosting a BJJ grading event this Saturday, starting from 10:30am. Gradings are an integral part of the martial art and an opportunity for the BJJ community at Ironfist to recognise the efforts of those grading.

BJJ gradings are different from those of most other martial arts, such as Ironfist’s Muay Thai grading system. While everyone who participates in a Muay Thai grading is able to grade, not everyone who attends BJJ gradings will. 

Instead of there being a physical test like there is in our Muay Thai gradings, BJJ promotions are awarded to students at the coaches’ careful discretion when they feel that their student is ready to grade.

The Jiu Jitsu journey is a lengthy process which requires consistent application in class. While not all attendees will be grading, it is still important to show up and support those who are; Ironfist’s BJJ program is built on its tight-knit community, and gradings are a special communal occasion to recognise those getting promoted.

Even if you do not receive a promotion on Saturday, do not think that your efforts have been overlooked. Our coaches are extremely pleased with how well everyone is progressing and are always keeping a close eye on future grading opportunities.

See you on Saturday at 10:30am. Keep rolling!



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