Corey’s World Title Dream

What Dreams are you Chasing?


If you ask Corey “The Nightmare” Nicholson that question he will reply with – a World Title.

This dream was so close last year but thanks to COVID was ripped away.  That nearly happened again when QLD closed its borders again to VIC only weeks ago putting the fight with SuperNong in jeopardy. Thankfully, Promoter Ian Bronson found a suitable and worthy match in Marco Dimichino, and Corey’s dream was back on track with the bonus, should he win, the opportunity to defend this Title in July.

Corey began training in the original Ironfist Gym at Rochedale at the age of 13.  Growing up in the company of Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson, Jimmy “J Slice” Urwin, Joel Gadischkie, and Ben “The Blade” Johnson, just to name a few; Corey and his brother Mitch were the much loved “little brothers” to these talented Fighters.

Christine and Rod, Corey’s Mum and Dad spent many hours in the Gym watching their Boys growing dedication to the sport they loved and supporting them in any way they could.

Even at that young age, Corey was a force to be reckoned with, competing overseas, and representing Australia.

When Ironfist closed in 2014, Ben Johnston and James Jarvie started The Fight Centre. Corey, along with many others from Ironfist, continued training together over at The Fight Centre. During this time, Corey also branched out into Boxing under the watchful eye of Brendan Henwood and fine-tuned his talent even further.   To no one’s surprise, Corey was a natural in this arena too.

At the end of 2019, Corey decided to return where it all began. Ironfist had reopened in Mansfield in 2018 and the dream to win a World Title is now closer than ever. Corey balances his weekly training schedule between Ironfist and Canungra Muay Thai.  Dan oversees all his technique, Masato and Eddie LJ do rounds, and rounds of pads and the fitness and drilling of skills continues at Canungra Muay Thai with his soon-to-be father-in-law, Dave Torrens.

Chasing this dream is even more challenging now that Corey is a proud Dad to Parker with his beautiful partner Sam, works full-time as an Electrician and part-time as a Trainer at Ironfist.  He is on a mission to be the 4th Fighter from the Ironfist Gym to sport a World Title Belt.

At 24years Corey has already had an impressive career.  To date 6 Boxing Fights resulting in a South East Amateur Boxing Title.  34 Muay Thai Fights, with 2 x Eruption Championship Pro Fights, 3 x IFMA National Titles, 1 x IFMA World Bronze medal, 1 x WKBF Australian Title, 1 x WAKO QLD K1 Title, 1 x WKBF QLD Title and 1 x WKN Qld Title.

The cherry on top, would be closing out 2021 being 2 x WKBF World Champ.

The wait will have been worth it to make this dream come true; we have every faith it will.

Tickets are selling fast for this fight 13 March 2021 Bucking & Fighting Caboolture Showground.  Contact Ironfist to secure your ticket today!

Make sure you are part of history and witness Corey fulfill his dream of a  World Championship belt!



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