How often should you be training Martial Arts?

Martial arts are an extremely rewarding endeavour, where the more time and effort you put into your training sessions, the better your results will be.

People train in martial arts for a number of reasons and at varying levels of intensity. At the Ironfist Gym Brisbane, those just starting out– whether in Muay Thai, boxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu –will not be expected to train at the same intensity or frequency as our more advanced practitioners.

Having said this, training more frequently, whether you are a beginner or an expert, will improve your results dramatically faster than coming into the gym once a week.

Whether you are practicing boxing, Muay Thai or BJJ, here is a breakdown of how often you should be training martial arts.


One training session per week


Some people who have an extremely busy schedule, or are practicing martial arts secondary to another sport, train once a week. Training once a week is a handy way to burn some extra calories and get the heart pumping, however seeing results in your martial arts training will take a long amount of time, and improvements will be very slow.



Two training sessions per week


People who train twice per week will begin to see improvements faster than training on a once-a-week basis. Two sessions a week is sufficient for beginners to see gradual improvement in their technique and overall fitness.

Often, people who go to conventional weightlifting gyms will implement this frequency of martial arts training into their program to improve their functional fitness. Certainly, training twice a week will improve your cardiovascular fitness and also improve your fast-twitch muscle fibers and overall coordination.


Three or more training sessions per week


If you are serious about your commitment to martial arts, training three or more times per week is the difference between slow progression and making serious improvements week-by-week. The more time you spend in the gym with our expert coaches, the faster we will be able to hone your technique. 

Training three or more times a week is for people whose main goal is to improve in their martial art, whether that be boxing, Muay Thai or BJJ. This level of training will give you a strong base, seeing drastic improvements in your technique, cardio, strength and coordination.

Our programs at Ironfist are designed for a week-by-week basis, meaning that our coaches vary their drills– including live rolling, sparring, pad work and technique breakdowns –on different days to give those who are consistently training a well-rounded skill set.

Practicing martial arts is like studying for an exam. There are no shortcuts to success – the more effort you put into your training, the better your results will be.



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