March-April Wrap Up!

Article by: Finn Coleman

March 12


To kick things off in an action-packed March was Ian Bronson’s Rumble at the Ridge, where six of our fighters competed.
Shania Christenson was first off the bat, demonstrating her ability to quickly turn the tide of the fight after losing round one to dominate the remaining two for a clear decision win.

Lachie Jones was next in line, taking home another points win for Ironfist.

Our young buck Nathan Loute came away with a first round TKO.

Next was Pete Gerrie, who took control of his three-rounder to come away with a comfortable points win.

Although losing on points, there is no doubt that Andrew Hurman solidified his nickname “The Hurmanator” on the night, continuing to power through some big shots until the ring of the last bell.

Finn “60 Litre” Coleman, who also answers to ‘The Iceman’, took home the WKBF Super lightweight QLD Title after a hard won five-rounder against Koby Woodlinch that had both of them limping back to their designated driver.

March 19


Our MMA fighter Isaac “The Pool Boy” Small made quick work of his opponent on Eternal, one of Australia’s premier MMA fight shows. Both men were landing big shots from the opening round before Isaac ended things early with a slick right hand, followed by a knee to the head for good measure.

April 2


No stop for “The Pool Boy” – Isaac was back in action just a few weeks later on Proving Grounds. Unfortunately, Isaac was submitted in round two. Regardless, if you know Isaac you know that he hasn’t an ounce of quit in him, and we are sure to see him back in business soon.

April 9


It was Demi Giannangelo’s time to shine on Muay Thai League’s female-only card A League of Their Own. Balancing a busy coaching schedule with a dedication to her craft, the extra yards that Demi puts into her training paid dividends with her strong performance, taking home a decision win.

April 23


Nathan Loute was back in action on Ignite 32 for a rematch against a previous opponent. Unfortunately, the fight was stopped in the first round due to a head kick from Nathan’s opponent. This was a big learning experience for our young fighter, who showed composure and heart beyond his years. We have no doubt Nathan will be back soon.
One of our newest fighters Harley Taylor was next up on Ignite who— after a bit of a fumble over the ropes –walked away with a comfortable points win after taking the matchup on a week’s notice. Harley’s humility, commitment to training and willingness to learn has been evident from day one, and has paid off big time.

April 24


No rest for the wicked – Ironfist’s BJJ competitors capped off a fantastic month for Ironfist at Grappling Industries.
Cassie, Nas, Coach Andrew, Liam, Sonny, Luca and Andrew all had a stacked day, with every one of them fitting at least three matches in.
Liam took home a bronze in Gi, and gold in no-Gi.
Cassie came away with another shiny gold in Gi.
Our workhorse Nas scored silver in Gi, and gold in no-Gi.
It was an awesome day for all involved, not least the spectators!

Up and coming…
May 14


Ironfist is proud to be hosting the upcoming Q1 Amateur Muay Thai series, which is a fantastic opportunity for amateur Muay Thai athletes to gain valuable experience in the ring. We have two different categories for competitors to enter: full contact, or sparring.
Jumping into our full contact fights are Marko, Joe, Jarrod, Harley, Butters, Will, Merinus, Peter and Nas – a huge turnout!
Our sparring matches are for those amateur competitors who are looking to experience a ‘fight night’ without having to engage in a full contact fight. It is a great opportunity to get to move around with a variety of different people outside of those regular sparrers at the gym. Our sparring will be closely monitored to ensure that neither party is using excessive force, and that contact is controlled. It should be a fun day for all involved!



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