MMA For Beginners: Essential Equipment You Need

Article by: Finn Coleman

Mixed Martial Arts is fantastic for beginners, as you will learn numerous effective disciplines from day one, forming you into a complete martial artist. Because MMA covers such a broad variety of techniques from striking to grappling and everything in between, you will need more than just a pair of gloves. If you are serious about getting into MMA, after your first few classes you will want to look into some quality gear and apparel. Let’s go over all the essential equipment you will need starting out in MMA!



There are two types of gloves that MMA athletes use in training at The Ironfist Gym Brisbane. The first and most important are MMA gloves, which are smaller than traditional boxing gloves to allow for both striking and grappling. MMA gloves usually range from 4-7 ounces.

Some of our MMA athletes at Ironfist also have boxing gloves which range from around 10-16 ounces. These gloves offer more protection and allow for harder punches in pad and bag work, however most drills in Ironfist’s MMA classes will use MMA gloves.

If you have to choose between the two, opt for some MMA gloves.


Hand wraps

Your hands are your money makers. Hand wraps offer great wrist support, and are worn under your gloves to prevent hand injuries. If you aren’t sure how to wrap your hands, just let one of our friendly coaches give you a hand.


Shin guards

Shin guards are non-negotiable for drills or sparring involving kicking. Shin guards will protect both yourself and your training partner from shin-on-shin contact. Shin guards come in different shapes and sizes, so make sure to try them on before buying.



Whenever we do drills or optional sparring in our MMA classes, mouthguards must be worn to protect your teeth. If in doubt, chuck your mouthguard in. 


Groin guard for men

All men participating in MMA drilling and sparring should wear a groin guard to protect themselves from an accidental low blow.


Proper attire

In MMA, our students must wear tight-fitting clothing to prevent any fabric getting in the way. Loose shirts or shorts can quickly become an annoyance if a limb gets caught, so to respect your training partners, make sure you are not wearing any baggy clothing.

Our in-house shop at The Ironfist Gym Brisbane sells all the equipment you will need as a beginner in MMA. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly receptionists for some help picking the right gear for you!


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