More than just a workout: 4 unexpected benefits of martial arts

Article by: Finn Coleman

We all know how good martial arts can be as a physical exercise. Most people who join up to a martial arts gym are looking to improve their fitness and learn self-defense skills. While martial arts are a fantastic way to get fit and be able to defend yourself, there are many unexpected benefits of boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ as well. Whether building self-confidence or improving coordination, you can expect so much more from your martial arts journey than just losing that extra weight or putting on some muscle.




Granted, when you dedicate yourself to training a martial art, you will begin to notice physical improvements after a while – maybe you’re finally losing those extra kilos, or find that you are getting less out of breath in your day-to-day activities. 


Whether you know it or not, a strong body makes a strong mind. Not only will your confidence be improved just through your general fitness, but because martial arts are so effective for self-defense, you will find that you will grow more and more confident knowing you are not only making strides physically, but that you are also able to defend yourself if need be.




Martial arts has always been built on community. Although fighting is a one-person sport, it is an incredible, tight-knit community to be a part of; you will be punching, kicking and rolling around with people from all different walks of life, united through a passion for martial arts.


The Ironfist Gym Brisbane prides itself on the strength and diversity of our martial artists, where everyone who is willing to apply themselves is welcome.




Studies show that hitting a target– like you do in boxing or Muay Thai –can help improve hand-eye coordination, which is a critical skill in everyday life. After hitting the pads for a while and noticing improvements in your technique and timing, you will also notice your overall coordination shoot up. In fact, some of the best boxers in the world such as Vasiliy Lomachenko use specific hand-eye drills to further hone their coordination.




Without a doubt, one of the best benefits of martial arts is stress-relief. When you come into the gym, training requires a kind of focus that will have you forgetting all about your worries – and even if not, the community at Ironfist will always be there to support. Besides, we think all our students will agree that hitting things never fails to remedy day-to-day stresses.

So, if you are thinking of trying out a martial art at The Ironfist Gym Brisbane, get excited about the unexpected benefits that your journey will bring you!


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