I’m Nervous To Start Muay Thai: Will I Be Hurt?


Article by: Finn Coleman

Trying something for the first time can be equal parts exciting and nerve-racking – some might have little reservations about jumping into their first Muay Thai class, while just stepping foot in the gym might be a big deal for others. Many people interested in Muay Thai at Ironfist ask us, “will I be hurt?”


The short answer is, no. While it is completely natural to feel some nerves before trying Muay Thai out for yourself, rest assured, as soon as you jump in the class you will be having too much fun to feel nervous! Whether you are looking to boost your self confidence, shed some kilos or are gunning for a world title, Muay Thai has something to offer everyone. Even though The Ironfist Gym Brisbane has raised numerous world and state champions, our family-owned gym prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and diverse community. Most of our Muay Thai members have no intention of fighting, and simply train because they love the host of benefits that Muay Thai offers. Ironfist is the perfect safe, encouraging space to learn effective Muay Thai from some of the most accomplished Muay Thai coaches in Australia. Let’s address some common concerns about starting Muay Thai.


Will I be hurt?


“Will I be hurt?” is a very common question that people interested in starting Muay Thai have, and it is certainly understandable; Muay Thai fights can be quite violent to watch. While the nature of fighting goes hand-in-hand with potential injuries, training Muay Thai is completely different than competing in the sport and is not at all dangerous – any contact such as sparring is always optional at Ironfist. If you just want to do Muay Thai to hit some pads and avoid any head contact, that is totally fine. Even fighters at an elite level take care of each other in sparring at Ironfist, and rarely spar hard to prevent injuries.


As with any contact sport, there is some possibility for injury, but practicing Muay Thai recreationally is actually far safer than sports such as rugby or basketball. A vast majority of our students go years without having an injury from training. Optional sparring is controlled, and you are very unlikely to be injured.


Is Muay Thai the right sport for me?


This is another perfectly normal question to have. Watching Muay Thai fights and seeing how hard fighters train, you might be worried that Muay Thai is too tough of a sport. But in actual fact, people train in “the art of eight limbs” for many different reasons – for self defense, to fight, to lose weight, or just to have a blast! Whatever your reason, Muay Thai is for you.


The misconception that Muay Thai involves tossing beginners into the deep end and making them spar for hours on end could not be further from the truth. At The Ironfist Gym Brisbane, everyone has their own goals that they are working towards, and our expert coaches are there to help you smash them.


Are you ready to fall in love with Muay Thai? We know you will have a blast! The Ironfist Gym Brisbane runs introductory Muay Thai classes all throughout the week. Get in touch to book in today.


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