Muay Thai

On September 11 we had four of our fighters at Ironfist step over the ropes to compete in Coast Warfare at the Banana Bender Pub at Aussie World.

Cassie “Salty” Barnes became our first-ever female champion, winning the QLD MTA-WMC Bantamweight Championship title. Cassie still remains undefeated, boasting an impressive record of 8 fights for 8 wins.

Joshua “Fuzzy Wuzzy” Lester chugged out to Thomas the Tank Engine’s theme song before winning convincingly over three rounds with all cylinders firing. We might have to start taking bets on his next walkout song.







Our two youngest fighters, Luke Ruberto, 18, and Nathan Loute, 15, fought their own wars over three rounds against tough opponents, but unfortunately did not walk away with the win. Despite the result, we could not be prouder of these two exceptional young men who continue to represent Ironfist with courage and determination. Personal growth comes out of tough fights, and the experience both these warriors have gained will be invaluable as they continue to do great things moving forward.

As always, a big thank you to Masato, Marko and Eddie for supporting these fighters in their preparations, and for their continued efforts in helping grow and refine the impressive skill set of our Ironfist competitors.







Last Sunday, September 19, saw our novices have a chance to jump in for some quality rounds thanks to Muay Thai League’s sparring session, hosted at Double Dose Muay Thai in Ormeau.

We had 19 competitors jump in and have a go; everyone had at least one matched spar, and many had two and three rotations throughout the morning.

The development in our novice group has been nothing short of outstanding, and we are sure many of these competitors will be ready to step into the ring for their first bout next year.

Keep up the hard work and dedication to your training.


On the same day, September 11, we had some of our amazing BJJ grapplers dive into the deep end at Grappling Industries’ BJJ Gi & No Gi Round Robin Tournament.

Cassie Pahlke competed for the very first time, coming away with a double silver in both gi and no-gi, with a submission in the latter division. Well done Cassie!

Jas Lee placed 5th in both gi and no-gi, with two submissions in no-gi, and one in gi.  Overall, an amazing effort from Jas. 

Corban Thomas fought three times in a row, and in an incredible display of expertise and dedication to the art, took home the gold in gi. Well done!

Thank you to our brilliant BJJ coaches for all the hours spent on the mat with our students. Aleks, Shen, Adam, and all our assistant trainers, you are all legends!

We are looking forward to seeing what delights 2022 has in store for the Ironfist BJJ Team!










Ironfist has recently added boxing introductory lessons to our already stacked timetable, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-5:30pm. This class is the perfect starting point for those new to the ‘sweet science’, and a great lead-in into the beginner boxing classes at 5:30pm.

All things permitting, we are looking to have some boxers primed and ready for the ring in 2022. 

In other exciting news, we were ecstatic to hear about the wedding of our passionate boxing trainer TJ to his beautiful bride Erin.

A huge congratulations to you both! Needless to say, we were very relieved that your wedding went ahead without any COVID-related hitches. Wishing you both much happiness for a long and happy life together.







Coming up . . . October is another BIG and exciting month for The Ironfist Gym.

October 9

Muay Thai League is hosting a stacked double card at Carrara Indoor Stadium. “MTL2: Double Play” will be running from morning to night, with ‘Little Leagues’ kicking off at 11:00am and the night show from 5:00pm.

We have our youngest fighter, Rocco “The Great” White, fighting for a QLD Siam Cup Title on the day card. This is a great opportunity for Rocco, and we are all behind you 110%. We also have Finn Coleman getting in on the night card action against Luca Camilleri from Levels Fight and Fitness Gym. This will be Finn’s sixth fight, and third bout under the Ironfist banner. We cannot wait!

Tickets are available at reception. The double day/night ticket is $75, and only $50 for the night card.







October 15

We have the pleasure of hosting a Sound Healing session with the amazing Cyndy Bui.

This is a FREE special invitation exclusive to all Ironfist members. If you have never experienced a ‘Sound Bath’ before, trust us, you do not want to miss this night. You will not be disappointed.

October 16

We have Isaac Small our first Ironfist member competing in his first MMA fight on Proving Grounds at Southport Sharks. Isaac has only been training for 18 months and studying all three styles of stand up and ground fighting (Boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ). We are excited to see him move into this discipline and we are sure he will be the first of many.

October 23rd

The Ironfist Gym is hosting our own Sparring Development Day.  This will run similar to the one at Double Dose, however we will have three experience categories. 

Novice/Light contact – this is for beginners and those who are hesitant about sparring. This will be strictly light contact, and will be monitored closely by the referee.

Intermediate/Advanced participants will be allowed to increase the intensity of the contact, providing both participants agree. The intensity will be increased gradually so that both participants are comfortable with the pace they are setting.

Fighters this category is strictly for those who have competition experience. Similar to Intermediate/Advanced, the intensity will be gradually increased to a level both parties are comfortable with.

Weigh-ins will be at 9:30am, and sparring will commence at 10:00am.

Make sure you nominate yourself at reception, and if you have any concerns please speak to Dan or Lianne. This will be a great day full of fun and experience.

We will also be firing up the BBQ, and have food and drinks available.

October 30

We are lucky to have Destiny 17 in our own backyard at the Mansfield Tavern, with two of our three fighters for the night shooting for a title! 

We have Joshua “Fuzzy Wuzzy” Lester back over the ropes to fight for a Destiny Super featherweight Title against Michael Lamrock, and Cassie “Salty” Barns fighting for a Destiny Bantamweight Title against Miranda Starr from Cairns. We also have Sean “Man o’ War” Worland competing against Jimmy O’Brien in what is shaping up to be an awesome matchup.

Tickets for Destiny 17 are available from reception. We have the best ringside tickets in the house at $80, and general seating for $50. Destiny always puts on an amazing show which is never one to miss!



Start your martial arts journey and experience the welcoming Ironfist atmosphere with our no-risk free trial, letting you attend 2 days of boxing, muay thai and BJJ classes.