Starting Out in Martial Arts: Some Common Concerns

Taking your first steps into a martial arts gym can be a big deal. After all, martial gyms are different from commercial weight gyms, where you can complete a whole workout by yourself. The value of a martial arts gym lies in its community. At Ironfist Brisbane we pride ourselves on a safe, diverse environment across all our Muay Thai, boxing and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) classes. Everyone at Ironfist trains for different reasons: some want to compete, some want to improve their self-confidence and self-defence, and others just want to feel good.


While Ironfist has raised several world Muay Thai champions and boasts some of Australia’s most accomplished coaches, all our members, from beginners to seasoned fighters, are respected and valued.


Even though martial arts has something to offer everyone, we understand there may still be some prevailing concerns about starting out at a martial arts gym:


I will get hurt at the gym


A big fear that a lot of people have when starting a martial art, whether that be Muay Thai, boxing or BJJ, is that they will be tossed into the deep end and will leave the gym feeling bruised, discouraged and defeated.


At Ironfist Brisbane, this could not be further from the truth. Our experienced coaches will never force you to do anything you are not comfortable with. In both our Muay Thai and boxing classes, sparring is optional for everyone, meaning that you can progress at your own pace and on your own terms. 


Our BJJ classes make use of rolling, a form of ‘sparring’, where our Jiu Jitsu students have the chance to implement their techniques under live pressure. As BJJ involves zero striking, rolling is a safe yet effective way to hone your submissions without serious risk of injury. Our BJJ coaches keep a close eye on everyone to make sure no one is getting hurt, and all of our students work together constructively. Be assured, everyone in our classes is in good hands.


Ironfist’s head coach Daniel Bell has no tolerance for aggressiveness in the gym, as this type of behaviour detracts from everyone’s progression as a martial artist. Whether you decide to train in Muay Thai, boxing or BJJ, martial arts will help you develop values of discipline, respect and self-improvement as soon as you step through the door.



I’m worried I’m not fit enough


Another common concern for people interested in trying out a martial art is that they are not fit enough. At Ironfist, we take every one of our students as they come, regardless of their physicality, and help them progress on their fitness journey. 


Remember, there is no time like the present to start making a change. No matter how fit or unfit you are, we welcome everyone who is willing to learn and progress.


Many of our students started at Ironfist with a low level of fitness, never having trained long-term in any sport or exercise before. Those same people are now smashing their personal goals in the gym everyday.



I’m too old or too young to start martial arts


I’m too old or I’m too young… the age-old worry. But fear not! Although it has become a bit of a cliché, martial arts really is for everyone, regardless of age. We train high school students, seniors, and everyone in between.


Teenagers who train in a martial discipline are not just becoming physically adept; they are learning invaluable lessons that translate into life. The discipline, respect and self-confidence that martial arts hone will carry over into areas of your life outside the gym you would never imagine possible.


For our older students, Muay Thai and boxing are a fantastic way to stay active and healthy. These sports are an engaging way to improve your physical health, including building muscle, strengthening your body and burning calories. If you are looking for a fun way to get in shape over the summer, Muay Thai or boxing is a great way to go.


BJJ is another fantastic option for older students, as it involves zero striking, while still being an incredibly effective martial art for self-defence, as well as developing one’s physicality. BJJ is a great workout for everyone.



Why Wait?


Hopefully this has alleviated some of your concerns about beginning martial arts. While martial arts are physically demanding, our coaches encourage you to work at your own pace and your own level. 


Wherever you are along your fitness journey, and whatever your age, rest assured that Ironfist has crafted a safe and productive environment. We are very proud of our welcoming and diverse community.


So why wait? If you are living in Brisbane, now is the perfect time to get a headstart on 2022! 


Ironfist Gym Brisbane runs Muay Thai, boxing and BJJ classes Monday through Saturday, in the mornings and afternoons; so whatever your schedule, Ironfist has a time for you. Grab a 2-session pass now, or call Ironfist to book in a time today!


Any other questions? Ask away! We are happy to help.



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