Meet The Coach: TJ



Article by Finn Coleman

Tony Ingram, Ironfist’s head boxing coach, is known around the gym as ‘TJ’. In fact, if you asked most people at Ironfist who ‘Tony’ was, they’d probably have no idea who you were referring to. 


With 32 amateur bouts under his belt, TJ decided to step back in the ring after nearly ten years out of action, solidifying his turn to professional with a first round knockout. Just a few weeks later, history repeated itself with one second left on the clock in the opening round, leaving TJ with a perfect pro record and two first-round KOs. He has no plans of slowing down, and is looking to continue his rise through the professional ranks with another booked in at the end of this month.




TJ is a familiar friendly face to everyone in the gym, always happy to help his students out before class in the afternoons. If he isn’t holding pads, he’s usually hitting them – you can tell whether he’s in the gym training before you pull into Ironfist’s driveway by the sound of his punches.


TJ began boxing at the Mansfield Boxing Club as a way to get fit for rugby league, but ultimately decided that footy didn’t involve enough punching, and soon took on boxing as his main sport. Years later, after over thirty bouts and taking over as Ironfist’s in-house boxing specialist, TJ’s continued dedication to the sport lies in his strive for perfection.


Probably the biggest influence for me in my boxing journey is just the constant challenges and levels within the sport. I’ve had 34 fights now, and the fact that there is always room to improve motivates me to keep striving. Even something as basic as a jab-cross can be worked on for a fighter’s entire career.”


TJ balances his home life and full-time job as a glazier with coaching and training at Ironfist. TJ’s wife Erin is an active member of the gym too, often jumping in the boxing classes to make sure he is staying in check. When he has a bit of spare time, TJ loves going along to trivia on a weeknight, and still enjoys the occasional game of footy.


All of Ironfist’s beginner-friendly boxing classes are led by TJ, your go-to man for learning the ins and outs of the sweet science. 


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