Five Reasons to Start Boxing

Article by: Finn Coleman

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, and one of the original disciplines in the Ancient Olympics. Over the millenia, the “sweet science” has been continuously refined, improved, and adapted under changing rulesets, and has given rise to some of the most famous athletes on the planet, including Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Boxing is known not just for competition, but also its incredible physical and mental benefits. 


In recent decades, boxing has attracted a more diverse audience than ever before, from those wanting to fight, to those just wanting to have a great workout. From improved heart health, losing weight and easing stress, the science is in on the host of benefits that boxing offers. Whether you’re a parent looking to lose some weight, a teenager wanting to improve their self defense skills, or have your sights set on a world title, Ironfist emphasises legitimate, effective and fight tested techniques in the art of boxing. Any head contact, including sparring, is optional for all students. If you want to improve your fitness, gain self-confidence, and have a blast while doing it, joining The Ironfist Gym Brisbane’s boxing classes is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Here are five reasons why boxing at Ironfist is for everyone.


  1. Total body workout


Boxing at Ironfist is a full-body workout that engages virtually every muscle in your body. Through a mixture of padwork, bag work, partnered drills and optional sparring, at The Ironfist Gym you will learn various techniques including punching, footwork, and defense, which require the use of your arms, shoulders, core, and legs all working together. This comprehensive workout will help you improve your strength, agility, and endurance, burning some serious calories and shredding fat.


  1. Improved cardiovascular health


Boxing workouts are renowned for their intense cardiovascular benefits. Training sessions at Ironfist will involve high-intensity training that pushes your heart rate to the max. The constant movement involved in boxing builds up a strong heart and efficient circulatory system.The longer you stick with boxing, the better your endurance and lung capacity will become, helping to reduce the risk of heart complications.


  1. Stress relief


Boxing is not just a physical workout; it’s an incredible stress reliever. The combination of intense physical activity and mental focus helps reduce stress and release endorphins, leading to an improved mood and mental wellbeing. After a long day, there is nothing better than taking your frustration out on the pads. The minute you step into the gym, your worries will be out the door!


  1. Self-defense skills


Ironfist boxing will equip you with valuable self-defense skills. While the goal of boxing is not to promote unnecessary violence, our expert coaches will give you the confidence and ability to protect yourself in difficult situations. Knowing how to throw a proper punch, move effectively, and defend against potential threats can be a life-saving skill.


  1. Community


The Ironfist Gym is not just another martial arts gym – even more than the numerous world champions we have raised, Ironfist finds the greatest pride in the strength of our community. You will be training alongside people from various backgrounds and skill levels, from those lacing up their gloves for the first time, to professional fighters, all working toward their individual goals. The mutual support, encouragement, and friendly competition will make your foray into boxing as fun as it gets.


So, are you ready to put on some gloves and crack those pads? Your journey to a healthier, more confident you begins with your first punch. For your first boxing class, we will give you your own pair of hand wraps, as well as spare gloves should you need them. Just bring some comfortable workout clothes, and we’ll take it from there!


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Address: 2/4 Devlan St, Mansfield QLD 4122

Phone: (+07) 0431 685 085

Check out our timetable for more details.





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