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The Gentle Art – Understanding the Philosophy of BJJ

Article by: Finn Coleman Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, often referred to as ‘the gentle art’, is one of the most popular martial arts today, and a foundational combat sport in Mixed Martial Arts. For the uninitiated, labelling a martial art as ‘gentle’ may seem contradictory – how can a discipline involving combat be non-violent, right? At […]

MMA For Beginners: Essential Equipment You Need

Article by: Finn Coleman — Mixed Martial Arts is fantastic for beginners, as you will learn numerous effective disciplines from day one, forming you into a complete martial artist. Because MMA covers such a broad variety of techniques from striking to grappling and everything in between, you will need more than just a pair of […]

Should I Eat Before Morning Training?

Article by: Finn Coleman — Should I eat before morning training? Many people love to train early in the morning. Getting a good sweat on before starting your working day is a great feeling, and can fit better into a busy work or family schedule. In The Ironfist Gym’s morning classes, our early risers will […]

Why BJJ is a Great Martial Art For Women

Article by: Finn Coleman — Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a fantastic martial art for anyone looking to learn self defence, but the unique benefits that the sport can offer women has led BJJ to become one of the most popular combat sports for females. While “The Gentle Art” does not involve any striking, its […]

Starting Out in Martial Arts: Some Common Concerns

Taking your first steps into a martial arts gym can be a big deal. After all, martial gyms are different from commercial weight gyms, where you can complete a whole workout by yourself. The value of a martial arts gym lies in its community. At Ironfist Brisbane we pride ourselves on a safe, diverse environment […]

BJJ Gradings: What to Expect

The Ironfist Gym is hosting a BJJ grading event this Saturday, starting from 10:30am. Gradings are an integral part of the martial art and an opportunity for the BJJ community at Ironfist to recognise the efforts of those grading. BJJ gradings are different from those of most other martial arts, such as Ironfist’s Muay Thai […]




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